Magic Drop

Magic Drop 1.0

Get ready for a magic and colourful outburst with this puzzles game
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Get ready for a magic and colourful outburst with this full of potions puzzle game.
Magic Drop is a simple puzzle game for the PC which takes place in a magic laboratory. This Free downloadable game is developed by Media Contact LLC and published at

Your goal is to make sure that the potion boilers do not fill the screen. To prevent this, you can make the boilers disappear by grouping three or more of them together in chains and the sooner the better, you must hurry up because time is running and pressing, because potions will drop down by themselves whenever the time runs out.
Magic Drop is easy to learn, however, as you go through levels, the game's diffuculty grows and you will have to show all your gaming skills to be able to reach the highest levels of the game.
Magic Drop gives you a puzzle game in which speed and intelligence are two virtues that you will use continuously.

The graphic section is amazing regarding it is just a 2 MB downloadable file.
In this title you will find a fully 3D environment.
Music and sound effects are suitable but somewhat repetitive.

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  • Colourful and funny game


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